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Smart Pixel Display

Smart Pixel Display

Bring your ideas to life with Smart Pixel Display!

Create pixelated masterpieces, play retro games, and decorate your home with the Smart Pixel Display!

The Smart Pixel Display is a multifunctional LED display available in two models: 16 x 16 pixels and 32 x 32 pixels.


  • Create pixelated masterpieces: Use the app to create unique pixel art animations, write messages, draw pictures, and share them with friends.
  • Play retro games: Relive classic games like "Snake" and "Tetris" on a whole new level.
  • Home decor: Add a cozy atmosphere with colorful lighting effects.
  • Night light: Set a soft lighting mode for a comfortable sleep.

  • Versatility: Use the Smart Pixel Display for various purposes: art, gaming, decor, night light.
  • Easy to use: Control the display with a convenient mobile app.
  • Bright colors: 256 full-color LEDs (for 32 x 32 pixel model) and 64 full-color LEDs (for 16 x 16 pixel model) for creating vibrant effects.
  • Compact design: The display can be easily placed anywhere.

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16 x 16 Pixel Model

  • Compact size: Perfect for small spaces.
  • Easy to use: Simple to set up and operate.
  • Affordable price: Great option for beginners.

32 x 32 Pixel Model

  • More possibilities: Create more complex animations and images.
  • Bright and colorful: More LEDs for richer colors.
  • Suitable for professionals: Ideal for artists, animators, and designers.


16 x 16 Pixel Model:

  • Size: 100 x 100 x 15 mm
  • Resolution: 16 x 16 pixels
  • Number of LEDs: 64
  • Color gamut: RGB
  • Brightness: 1250 nits
  • Power: 5W
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Power supply: USB 5V/1A

32 x 32 Pixel Model:

  • Size: 200 x 200 x 25 mm
  • Resolution: 32 x 32 pixels
  • Number of LEDs: 256
  • Color gamut: RGB
  • Brightness: 2500 nits
  • Power: 10W
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Power supply: USB 5V/2A

What's Included

  • Smart Pixel Display
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Stand
  • User manual
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Delores Gottlieb


Miles Haag

I love

Moses Veum

Very lindooo☺️❤️

Amara Ortiz

Top, working perfectly, liked it very much, easy to use app, only the box arrived very crumpled...

Bennett Collier

Muy bien